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B Grade Checklist | Clear Glass Can

B Grade Checklist | Clear Glass Can

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*This will be the last batch of this cup in clear. This design is unfortunately just not compatible with dishwasher safe printing so grab it while you can and at a discount! 

PLEASE REFER TO 3rd picture to see what makes this item “B Grade” there is a line of discoloration at the bottom. It is most noticeable in low light and almost not visible in brighter sunny spaces. 

DISHWASHER SAFE! This cup is rated for 100 dishwashes!

*includes matching lid and straw 


How to care for your cup:

- we recommend hand washing when you can because it will really extend the life of your cup but these are dishwasher safe!!!

*handle gently while warm*

*Do not use prolong heat settings on dishwasher such as "sanitize" 

Hand wash straw and bamboo. We recommend you wash the bamboo tops with dish soap and leave them out to dry.

-Not microwave safe

*To remove bamboo lid odors, mix equal parts hot water and vinegar in a bowl, and let the top soak for up to a 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and towel dry. *washing in dishwasher may result in design fading.

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